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was there when we needed them most. They handled the content creation for one of our recent tours, and they did an awesome job from the graphic design to the video production. We like working with them so much that we let them design our new website. Flawless from beginning to end. Our fans love the site! I would recommend Hik Creative to any Band or Church that is looking for great content and someone easy to work with.

Cody Clark, Lead Vocalist for After Grace

We were struggling to create content that people liked and simply looked good. We decided to let Hik Creative handle one of our tours. They handled the graphic design, and video production for a Sidewalk Prophets Tour. They now handle all of our tours! This was literally the best decision we could have made as a company.
— Mitchell Cole, Owner of By His Grace Entertainment

HIK CREATIVE knocked it out of the park. Our website was noticeably behind. Hik Creative approached us about designing us a new website. After discussing it with the group we decided to move forward. We hear good things about our website all of the time. One plus to Hik Creative is they will manage your website, so there is no worrying about getting things updated, because they handle all of that. If you need a website, don’t look anywhere else, Hik Creative is your all in one package.

Jerad Moffitt, Guitarist for After Grace

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